Reliability and failure analysis of optoelectronics devices (updated 2010.11.02)
(M. Meneghini, M. Vanzi, G. Meneghesso, and E. Zanoni)
Speaker: Matteo Meneghini, DEI, University of Padova, Italy

Reliability issues of photovoltaic devices and systems Part I - Part II
(F. Roca and G. Graditi)
Speakers: Francesco Roca and Giorgio Graditi, ENEA Portici Technical Unit for Solar Energy applications, Italy

Hot Carrier Degradation issues in advanced CMOS nodes
(A. Bravaix)
Speaker: Alain Bravaix, High Institute for Electronics and Numerics, France

Reliability issues of current and emerging non-volatile memories
(A. S. Spinelli, C. Monzio Compagnoni, D. Ielmini)
Speaker: Alessandro Spinelli, DEI, Polytechnic University of Milano, Italy