Download here the Call for Exhibitors.

The Symposium will feature the latest in service providers, equipment manufacturers and suppliers. A large exhibit floor will give the opportunity to key-vendors to represent the core business area in these fields.

The conference will be held in the SUMMIT Hotel close to the seaside. Near the Sala Quadrata and the Sala Blu where the sessions will take place, two large areas will be devoted to the exhibition display.

The information and exhibition request form is available here.

For further information concerning the equipment exhibition, please contact:
Carmine ABBATE or Annunziata SANSEVERINO
Industrial exhibition staff
Università degli studi di Cassino
Via di Biasio, 43
I-03043 CASSINO (FR)
Phone: +39 0776 299.4369 - +39 0776 299.4370 - Phone/Fax: +39 0776 299.3725