A confirmed list of the invited talks is:

How future automotive functional safety requirements will impact microprocessors design
by Marco BELLOTTI – Engineering&Design Electrical Electronics department, Fiat Group Automobiles (Italy)
MEMS technology integrated in the CMOS back-end
by Roberto GADDI – Cavendish Kinetics (The Netherlands)
Advanced Packaging yields to Higher Performance and Reliability in Power Electronics
by Reinhold BAYERER – Infineon Technologies AG (Germany)
Soft-Errors induced by terrestrial neutrons and natural alpha-particle emitters in advanced memory circuits at ground level
by Jean-Luc AUTRAN – Aix-Marseille University, IM2NP-CNRS (France)
High-k related reliability issues in advanced Non-Volatile Memories
by Luca LARCHER – University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Italy)
Reliability of  III-V concentrator solar cells
by Carlos ALGORA – Solar Energy Institute, Polytechnic University of Madrid (Spain)
Reliability of Advanced High-k/Metal-Gates n-FET Devices
by James H. STATHIS – IBM Research (NY, USA)

Application of TEM Analysis and holography to GaN-based devices
by David J. SMITH – Arizona State University, Tempe (AZ, USA)

Charge Carrier Recombination and Generation Analysis in Materials and Devices by Electron and Optical Beam Microscopy
by Anna CAVALLINI – PHoS-Lab (PHysics of defects in Semiconductors Laboratory), University of Bologna (Italy)

Organic Light Emitting Transistors as Multifunctional Integrated Light Sources
by Michele MUCCINI – ISMN (Institute for Nanostructured Materials), CNR, National research Council (Italy)

System ESD Robustness by Codesign of On-chip and On-board Protection Measures
by Harald GOSSNER – ETS DIR ESD, Infineon Technologies (Germany)

More international leaders in the reliability field have given their availability for invited speeches.
Please, check this page for updates.